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[TowerTalk] Moles and gophers

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Moles and gophers
From: (Paul Ridley_)
Date: Sat, 21 Jun 1997 22:56:38 -0600
Well, I let all the talk about moles and gophers die down before I send my 
reply, because I think I can top most of your stories.

Out here in the west we irrigate (flood method) our fields and crops from a 
series of irrigation ditches that takes water from the Rio Grande River. 
The gophers just love the banks of the irrigation ditches, which can really 
cause us farmers some real grief when a ditch washes out and floods the 
neighbor. So, the Middle Rio Grande Conservency district, who is in charge 
of maintaining the ditches, offers a $1 bounty for each gopher tail. Two 
years ago I turned in 100 of them, and am just about ready to take another 
90 that I have collected since the first time. How do I keep them that long 
before turning them in?--Easy---I cut off the tails and keep them in the 
deep freeze, right next to the green beans where they will be easy to find 
when I need them!
Paul, N5PR

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