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[TowerTalk] Cleaning aluminum

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Cleaning aluminum
From: (Roderick M. Fitz-Randolph)
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 1997 08:16:06 +0100
Chuck Dietz wrote:
>>I take all my yagis down each year before contest season and shine
>>them up.  At that time I check the resistance from element tip to
>>element tip.
>>I replace the elements every 5 years on a rotating basis to guard
>>against "element fatigue."
>>Chuck, KE5FI
>You've got to be kidding!   This is a JOKE, right?
>de Tom N4KG

Tom, dunno if it's a joke or not: it may simply be indicative of his
motivation.  I'm reminded of Omar Bradley and to that to which he
attributed his success in the military when he stated, "I was always
15 minutes early to every formation".  That, in itself, didn't bring
General Bradley his successes: rather it simply showed an attitude of
preparedness that followed his career and brought about his military
(and social) successes.

Chuck, KE5FI, (if not pulling our leg) is obviously a highly motivated
contester!!!  Lones Wigger, a rifleman that won Gold Medals in several
Olympics, said, "Nobody remembers who came in second"!!!!!

Rod, W5HVV

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