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[TowerTalk] KLM vs Hy-Gain

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Subject: [TowerTalk] KLM vs Hy-Gain
From: ("Dick Green".)
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 1997 23:19:57 -0400
Hi again, folks. I'm looking for opinions on the KLM KT-34XA vs Hy-Gain
TH7DX. I'm especially interested in opinions from anyone who has operated
and maintained both antennas, and from those who have done so in heavy snow
areas such as New England (where I am.)

On the surface, the KLM seems more appealing because of the gain figures
and the broad bandwidth (my amp's protection circuits trip when SWR
approaches 2:1 at full power.) However, I've heard that the KLM presents
more maintenance problems. I'm particularly concerned about ice and snow
buildup causing problems. Given the weather in my area, should I go for the
heavy-duty boom?

The old Hy-Gain catalog I have seems to imply that the TH7 can't be tuned
for the CW part of the band, but others have said that's not true. What's
the real story? When tuned for CW, what's the typical SWR in the phone part
of the bands?

Many thanks for this and all the help I've received so far.

73, Dick, WC1M

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