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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tower Complaints
From: (Bob Wruble)
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 1997 14:48:43 -0700
welcome to the LIBERAL CONTROLLED  country we now live in.

the long  range fix for individual rights lies at the voting booth and
who we elect to represent us!!

after cigarettes comes alchol, mebbe autos and so on...wait and see!


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> Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Tower Complaints
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> Date: Monday, June 23, 1997 7:39 AM
> Hi Stan and all,
> Maybe I'm missing something in all this new control kick
> that counties are on now, but if this is still America, how
> can they tell someone what they can do with their own property?
> I just put up a 30' tower and am now putting the 70' tower up.
> In my case the 70' tower is over 100' from the nearest building
> and about 100' foot from my property line. There is no way if can
> land on anything if it should come down. And all the parts will
> always be on my land.
> I really don't care what the county likes and dislikes. The county
> will not maintain any of their ditches/dams/few roads and etc. I
> see no reason to ask their permission to do my thing!
> What the heck, I haven't had a good battle with a county for a
> number of years.
> And thanks for all the input about the unguyed question. For those
> who wondered about the base/anchor points.....base is 5'x5'x4' deep
> with 3 levels of re-bar. The guy anchor points are cut 9'x2.5'x4' deep.
> Why so big??  Well, the back hoe had a 24" bucket and the ground was
> nice and moist and bingo.....bigger than I wanted! There is almost
> 8 yards of concrete!
> cul,
> 73, Ron,     SOWP 5545M,
> .........KU7Y.....ARCI #8829.....Monte "Ron" Stark.....
> Lake, Nevada....
> ....QRP-L #17...ARS #49...NorCal #330.....NRA LIFE.....
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