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[TowerTalk] PCS Towers and Hams

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Subject: [TowerTalk] PCS Towers and Hams
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Date: Mon, 23 Jun 1997 21:42:04 -0400 (EDT)
I can tell you that in northern part of the state of Massachusetts is under
attack from both celluar and PCS service. I have been reading for over two
years in the local papers about the town by laws, and city ordinances..

Most towns do a overlay of business zone for these types of towers.  So far
the local ham community has escaped. There have been some minor ham tower
battles, unrelated to PCS or celluar, most have been approved, though some
took court and PRB-1 rulings to get the  ok.


>Ok, now that I have your attention.....
>Today (6-23-97) in the Wichita Eagle Newspaper, they had a article about all
>the 100 to 150 foot towers going up in Wichita for the newe PCS service.
>These towers are going up in residential areas and people are up in arms.
>Several people have tried to fight it through the Zoning and Land Use
>Commmission..all for not!  Everything has whizzed through and these towers
>are going up in people's back yards.  Literally.  One guy in a residential
>area leased his backyard for a PCS tower.  The article said this areas was
>needed to provide coverage for the phones.  The artile sites the FCC is
>forcing local government entitites to comply with federal rules and
>regulations.  The article also quotes and industry expert as saying people
>won't give up the convienence of the cell phone for somebody's back yard
>vue.  The residents complaints are getting no where.  Peole are very angry.
>Several weeks ago, someone mentioned on the reflector that 20,000 or more of
>these towers are going up.  
>Any opinions or observations how this will affect our hobby?  Will it help
>it?  Or, will there be a backlash by residents and and local governments
>against ham radio towers?  I know this is all conjecture...but I am sure
>there are other experts out there on the reflector that have something to say.
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