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Subject: [TowerTalk] summary CATV
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 1997 20:00:24 -0500
Many thanks to all who responded to my question about
CATV cable connectors.I am familier with the clamp and
plastic bottle weatherproof method but,Im afraid that wont
be the route I go.I will look into some of the manufactured
fittings that were suggested,but I am probably leaning to a
homemade unit just because I like to build these types of 
things.For those of you that asked what frequencies and 
power ratings I will be using this cable for:I am using it strictly
for HF frequencies and  legal limit power.I do have an additional
question though:I was told not to forget cutting this 75 ohm
cable to a multiple of a 1/2 wavelength.I plan on building 50 ohm
to 75 ohm transformers,I assume the 1/2 wavelength multiple
will not need to be taken into consideration.Also,since I am going
to run one of my lengths of coax to a tribander,which frequency
would one choose to use as the 1/2 wavelength multiple?The other
piece I plan to use will go to a 40 mtr beam and a 160 mtr inverted V.
The same question comes to mind.I will let you all know how it turns
out and will see you on the bands.


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