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Date: Wed, 25 Jun 1997 00:06:39 -0400 (EDT)
I have been reading Towertalk for a long time and have heard about lots of
Asking someone what kind of beam one likes best like Frank, W0CECS, mentioned
is like asking someone what is the best car on the road.   The favorites
abound and what is right for one person is not often right for another but
heres my favorite:

Explorer 14 by Hy-Gain!    Its 14 foot boom and 31 foot elements beats lots
of beams
I have compared locally and many of them much larger.   It was computer
designed by Hy-Gain and tested inside out in their antenna fields in Lincoln
to perfection.   Its
front to back is outstanding and is a real champ on DX as well as contesting.
I have suggested it to other amateurs and all of them have reported
outstanding results.    It has a little more windload (7.5 sq ft) than other
tribanders its size but its
worth the extra load.    Its tough and holds up well through the big winds.
Mine has been up 7 years and I speak from experience!

I avoided the add-on 40 mtr option for the driven element due to additional
but its worth the extra cost if you have the load capability.

I find Hy-Gain outstanding on parts availability and responding to requests
for help
with sticky problems.    The Hy-Gain Explorer 14 has been a winner for me.


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