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[TowerTalk] 1/4CCM torque limit

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Subject: [TowerTalk] 1/4CCM torque limit
From: (Pete Soper)
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 1997 11:09:57 -0400
Hi Folks,
        While putting up the first part of my tower I stripped the threads on
one EHS cable clamp (clip) and broke another one. This was with a ratchet
wrench with a 6" long handle. I'm no strongman and figure the absolute maximum 
torque I could have applied was 40 foot pounds (and it was probably more like
25-30 foot pounds). These 1/4CCM clamps were ordered with the Rohn part number 
from a major supplier. Side by side with the same part from a second major 
supplier they are hard to tell apart. The two failures were out of 38 clamps 
installed so far. I alternate between the two nuts to pull them out evenly
from the saddle.

  1. What torque value is "right" for this situation? I'll also be using a
     large number of 3/16CCM clamps later and would like to know the torque 
     limit for these too.
  2. If #1 has no answer, can I use a visual indication, like some amount of
     crimping of the EHS to tell me I have the thing properly tightened?
  3. Is it likely I have defective clamps or is a 5% failure a fact of life
     with these components?


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