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Subject: [TowerTalk] Unguyed
From: (Monte Stark)
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 22:15:06 -0700
Hi All,

My boss came by tonight and helped me get two more sections up.

It was at 40', (Rohn 25G), with a set of guys at 28'. The wind
was blowing about 30 mph. Was a bit shakey at 40', but when I
got busy with the first section to come up, it didn't bother

First section slid down into place with NO shaking or anything!
Bolted it up, moved the gin pole up. I was climbing very
slowly up to the 50' mark! Didn't think I was going to be
able to take it, but again got busy and then it was fine.

Next section had more guy wires on it. They hung on weeds here
and there but got it up OK. But it didn't want to set down
nice!! The gin pole was right in the way of the guy bracket!!

I grabbed the section and let all my weight hang from it
while shaking as hard as I could and it finaly slid into place!

So thanks to all for all the info. While the unguyed tower was 
moving a little, it wasn't enough to really be bad. At least 
not after getting busy!!

One note.....I was using a gorrila (sp?) hook while going 
around the guys. Also used it while working. The nice thing
about it is that the regular belt will keep you close to the
tower, but you can slide down if you lose you footing, but
the gorrila hook will keep you right there! Gives you a nice
feeling while your feet are flapping in the wind!!

I use a leather belt with a leather layard. I don't care for
the nylon rigs. Just my personal preferance. And yes, I do
maintain the belt!!

Will put the last section and the top section when I get the
top back from the welding shop.

Then I will be asking how to get that nice, expensive, Force12
up there without breaking it!!

Thanks again,

Ron, KU7Y

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