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[TowerTalk] ONV Safety Belt Query

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Subject: [TowerTalk] ONV Safety Belt Query
From: (Bill Long)
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 1997 09:33:27 -0400
>Also, the separately sold 3 foot "climbing lanyards", are
>these separate from the main belt or whatever would come as part of the
>primary harness?  Outside of a secondary connection between a D ring and
>the tower, are they useful in general, as they are described as having a
>single "gorilla hook" for belt attachment?  What's on the other end?

To add a question to Mark's list...
I have an ONV safety belt (which I'm happy with so far), and in addition
own two Gorilla Hook lanyards.  I also have a 100 foot tower and a touch of

The use of the GH lanyards is obvious when one is working around at the
tower top, but they are a bit cumbersome to manipulate on the ascent or
descent.  Would someone who knows send me a description of proper tower
ascent/descent procedure?  Does one use the one of the GH lanyards?  Two?
Neither, ascending/descending untethered?

I'd appreciate any response that can help to keep me safer.

73, Bill

Bill Long NY3M

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