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[TowerTalk] Safety Belt Query - long

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Safety Belt Query - long
From: (Monte Stark)
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 1997 10:09:37 -0700
Hi All,

While I am not a professional tower worker, I have worked in the oil
fields for many years and have
done tower work for pay while working for a Motorola shop. Never very
high, 150' is about the max,
but that's high enough to hurt!! And so is 30' or even 5'. How many
people do you know that have
broken ankles and knees just slipping off the last rung of a ladder?? 

The big point that Steve makes is to always be connected to the tower.
This is so very right that
I just had to say something.

I used to free climb everything! Would hook up when I was at the point I
was going to be working. This
was also long before OSHA. While I got away with it, I can't say that
for all my friends.

Another thing many of us at my age (61) need to keep in mind is getting
into shape to do that climbing.
Stop and think about how hard it is to get someone down that just had a
heart attack!! Think you can
do CPR while hanging from a belt??

I use a lanyard around the tower while climbing and working. I use a GH
while going around guys and also 
while working. I find that the belt lets me support much of my weight
and keeps the feet from hurting as 
soon! Learn to work with your belt. It really can make things easier.

While I'm not an OSHA fan by any means, their regulations are a good
starting point if you are just 
getting started!

OK, soapbox off.

Enjoy and stay safe,

Ron, KU7Y

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