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Subject: [TowerTalk] KT34XA & TH7
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Date: Sat, 28 Jun 1997 10:41:54 -0700
The following is an teterchange of correspondence between myself (the
asker) and Steve K7LXC (the replier).

> If you are limited
>  to just one tribander at 70 feet would you select (for gain, f/b, f/s,
>  of assembly and maintenance, and bandwidth) the KT34XA or the TH7.  
>  Would you prefer a TH11 or a combination of a KT34XA and a three element
>  WARC yagi?
>  If you feel that your opinion would be better amplified with a reference
>  Force 12, I suspect we'd all be interested.
and Steve replied:

      My records show that I sent you a copy of my "Building  A One Tower
Station" paper about six months ago. I haven't changed the basic
configuration of the TH7/TH11/KT34XA as the top performers. I don't know that
much about how the TH11 stacks up against the other high performance
tribanders but N0AX and myself have just embarked on a big comparison test of
6-7 tribanders. The results will be published later this year. The TH11 is
one of the antennas that will be tested.

     At this time, IMO it's a tossup between the TH7 and KT34XA -- the
results are too close to call. More results later. 

      At this time, I personally do not consider the C-3 to be a "high
performance" tribander. Mainly, the jury is still out on it. After a couple
of contest seasons, we'll know more about how it stands among its peers. 

    I go by proven performance such as contest wins, records and such. The
cream rises to the top, etc. So far the record is TH7/KT34XA = lots and the
C-3 = none.

    The one big twist in this whole argument? The new Bencher Skyhawk. I have
a feeling that it will be equal to or better than the aformentioned antennas.
I don't know if the C-3 will be in the same league. 
and I then asked if the study by N0AX Ward and Steve would be published and
he replied:

    But of course! There are two parts of the test. First is the protocol and
the real life challenges confronting anyone wishing to do meaningful antenna
testing. This will probably be submitted for publication to QEX or similar.
The second part are the actual results of the testing. Both parts will be
published as our antenna comparison test. It'll be fairly extensive since
just the plots and charts will take up about 7 pages. Add that to the
aforementioned protocol discussion plus the results means that it should be a
dozen pages or so. Plans are currently to sell the paper for $5.00 or so
through TOWER TECH. 

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