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[TowerTalk] Safety Belt Query - long

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Safety Belt Query - long
From: (Al Samson)
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 1997 17:10:02 -0500
Scott Bullock wrote:
> >>While I am not a professional tower worker, I have worked in the oil
> >>fields for many years and have
> >>done tower work for pay while working for a Motorola shop. Never very
> >>high, 150' is about the max,
> >>but that's high enough to hurt!! And so is 30' or even 5'. How many
> >>people do you know that have
> >>broken ankles and knees just slipping off the last rung of a ladder??
> >>
> >something to think about: Ive got a friend who's a paramedic. I was looking
> >through his training manuals, and found a guide about calling in medevac
> >helicopters. One time this should be done, said the manual, is if someone's
> >fallen from a height of 15 feet or above and is unconscious. That's alot
> >shorter distance than I thought, and I'm sure many folks arent aware of how
> >serious this is considered by medical professionals.
> <snip>
> FYI all, last November I was climbing onto my roof, and the ladder slipped
> out from under me-fell down backwards and landed on top of the ladder on my
> back on the driveway, with a full gallon of OIL based primer on top of me.
> If this wasn't bad enuf, I broke the t12 vertebrae in my lower back, and
> also my sternum, bruised my heart(palpitations for weeks), and had BAD(real
> ugly) bruises everywhere too! This fall was only 10', but it landed me in
> the hospital, and took several months of recuperation. YES, I climb towers
> in my business, and yes I do use a full body  harness with safety harness
> and 2 gorilla hooks. The bottom line is all the guys that think they can
> freeclimb, or just go up and do something quick without protective measures,
> get real. Don't end up like I did or worse!
> 73,
> Scott
> P.S. no I wasn't doing something stupid when the ladder slipped, I'm always
> very careful, it just slipped.
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Thats way I ordered Steves book up the tower so I am knowing what to do
and do it safely.

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