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[TowerTalk] Interference - Line Noise

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Interference - Line Noise
From: (Greg Clark)
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 1997 17:41:32 -0700

A few weeks ago there was a thread in regard to some line-noise
problems...I think Will (AA4NC) was having.  There were many good tips
sent back to him and the list.  This post is a bit of the same.

I have been plaqued by line noise on 10 and 15m for some time.  The
utility did fix the problem last year but it is back...s9 on 10m and 15
in dry WX, clean when wet.  I contacted the utility last week to let
them know there was a problem...again.  The engineer was quite upset
that I was calling.  In his words "he spent a couple of thousand dollars
fixing problems last year, and he can't justify doing it again this

I pressed on and actually faxed him some posts from the list in ragard
to staples cracking ground wire etc.  He relented and the "Sniffer" of
RF for the the utility contacted me on Friday.  In our conversation, I
made the comment that the utilty could be fined for having hardware
radiating RF.  His comment to me was " that is not true, power utilities
and their hardware have no rules enforced upon them by the FCC...even if
radiating RF".  I didn't want to argue...just get him on-site for
help....but I got to thinking.

In my handy little Part 97 book that I have it makes an aside comment
that line-noise is subject to Part 15 device rules.  Which doesn't help

Is there wording in ANY FCC rules/regulations that specifically say
Power Line Noise....or Power Utility and then explains their

I've searched and I've not found what I'm looking for.

Any help would be appreciated.


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