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[TowerTalk] drilling chromoly es similar pipe

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Subject: [TowerTalk] drilling chromoly es similar pipe
From: (Chris R. Burger)
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 1997 16:37:24 +200
My experience is that the drill speed is the single most important 
issue.  I wrote off several drill bits while drilling a mast, and 
my supply of four High Speed Steel bits didn't even get through the 
first wall (something like 3.5 mm or 9/64").

I then borrowed a drill that turned at something like 500 RPM 
(instead of the 1300 on the previous drill), and managed to complete 
four holes with a single bit, identical to the ones that had been 
written off.

*  Turn sloooooooooowly.
*  Lubricate generously.  If you see smoke, you're doing it wrong.
*  Don't be tempted to push.  Apply light pressure, and wait.  The 
   resulting wait is considerably shorter than a trip up and down the
   tower and/or replacement of the drill bit!
Chris R. Burger

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