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Subject: [TowerTalk] long masts
From: (Frank T. Brady)
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 1997 08:57:53 -0700
 Interesting!  I had come to believe that it would be best to stack a pair
of yagis on a mast since it saves the complications (and extra expense) of
side mounting one of them on the tower with a separate rotator. Am I wrong
on that?

 You've really got my attention on this Gerald.  If it takes getting this
program, I'm sure game.  I want to stack a pair of monobanders (20 and 40)
and I've got to decide which tower is going to give me the most strength and
safety for the purpose and the cost:

 1) The T500-72 spec is 45, 22 and 6 square feet respectively at 70, 85 and
100 mph.

 2) The T600-64 spec is 50, 35 and 15 square feet respectively.

 I need to know which constributes the most to my application :

 1) The T500-72 with yagis at 74 feet (two ft mast) and 64 feet (side mounted).

 2) The T600-64 with ten or twelve feet of heavy duty mask entended for the

 Don't you think the T600-64 is the simpler, stronger, and cheapest of the
two solutions?  <G>

 Frank - W0ECS

Gerald wrote:

>Frank, regarding long masts in marginal towers: I have a short program that
>gives the amount of twist in a mast given its length, diam, wall, type
>material and load. It is available for the asking.
>One of my universal rules is "masts are never a substitute for tower
>sections". After all is said and done, tower sections are more cost effective
>than equivalent strength slender masts. There is no profit motive here as
>tower sections are much less profitable for us than masts!
>73 de Gerald Williamson, K5GW, Owner/General Manager, Texas Towers

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