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From: (Dan Keefe)
Date: Wed, 02 Jul 1997 00:33:30 -0700
Craig Clark wrote:
>         At 04:04 PM 6/30/97 -0400, you wrote:
> >
> >
> >You should see the 22 year old punks that fly the Army helo's going to
> >the Ranger training camp (mountaineering section) near my shack.  I was
> >on the tower one day and could see the whites of the gunners eyes as they
> >banked around my hilltop.  What's really scarey is when they come buzzing
> >over in the middle of the night during a contest and the shack shakes.
> >
> >I called the Army HQ down south and had them put my towers on their
> >advisory.  I dont know if it made a difference, but at least I tried.
> >Someone once told me that they have to stay 100' above treetops.  No idea
> >if that's true.
> Doubt it. During basic training (Vietnam era at Ft. Bragg) we routinely flew
> just above the tree tops doing infantry insertions. My guess is we were no
> more than 50' over the trees. It's called "nap of the Earth" flying. It is a
> real rush to be sitting on the deck of a Huey at 120 knts 50' over the trees.
> I have a lot of respect for the guys (pilots and "grunts") who did go to
> Vietnam
> and got shot at.
> When Devans was in operation, we had night flights from time to time. These
> guys have night vision goggles and FLIR to keep them from hitting something
> on the ground. I suspect there are specific rules abt height and night flying.
> While I am prejudiced, these guys are the world's best! Let'em do what they
> have to do!
> 73 Craig
>                    Web Page coming along slowly
>                         Craig Clark, W1JCC
>                     ex NX1G, N1ACH, WA1QWW, WN1IGG

Hi All,

I live close to the Marine Corp Base at Camp Pendleton, CA. There are
many helicopters around during the day and a few at night. The sound of
a mortar platoon firing at night is also heard from time to time.

What I think I am hearing is the sound of freedom so it doesn't trouble
me at all.

I also love the smell of Napalm!

Dan Keefe  KS6Z
Vista, CA
Ex Plt.Sgt., USMC

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