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Subject: [TowerTalk] Roof towers, tripods, etc.
From: (Bill Coleman AA4LR)
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 97 10:03:22 -0400
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>Please be aware that they put tremendious straing on roofs and in some
>communities you cannot get a building permit for one.    That pressure on the
>roof from the side of a strong wind can do in a roof and rip out the roof
>supports and have.
>Also, they are noisy and transmit wind noise to the roof and through the
>house with a      roof acting like a top of a "drum".  

I had a 6 foot roof tower up for 8 years, and other than a few leaks, I 
didn't experience any problem with either support strain or wind noise.

>On the other hand if you cant put up a tower they are not the worst
>alternative if you guy them well IN ADDITION to attaching the legs to 2x4
>supports that are held to the
>roof by like 2x4's attached below the roof  supports and held together by
>long bolts
>through the "sets" of the 2x4's forming kind of a 2x4 "sandwich".   

My installation consisted of four six foot 2x6s. Two on the outside of 
the roof, two on the inside. This created a "sandwich" across three roof 
trusses. Three pieces of 1/4 inch threaded stock anchored each leg 
through the roof. The outer 2x6s were also nailed to the roof plywood.

Guying wasn't needed, but I'd recommend guys for any roof tower over 10 
feet in height.

The 2x6s caused the leaking problem. They would capture water on the 
upper edge, and it would creep under the 2x6 and down through the 
threaded stock. Took two gallons of roofing cement to build up enough 
filler on the upper edge for proper drainage.

I've elected to wait until I can afford a freestanding tower rather than 
repeat the roof tower experience with my residence. If I had a separate 
garage, barn or other outbuilding, I'd probably feel differently.

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