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Subject: Re[2]: [TowerTalk] Re: [CQ-Contest] Magnetic Declination
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Date: Wed, 02 Jul 97 08:48:02 EST
     I think that we need to cover ground that SOME of us think is old hat. 
      Isn't that how we teach the new comers to the hobby?  I learned a lot 
     by asking questions of the old timers and the Hams that were winning 
     the contests and working the rare ones!
     We do want the hobby to survive, don't we??

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Re: [CQ-Contest] Magnetic Declination
Author:  "Roger L. Elowitz" <> at SMTPLINK-rammob
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Date:    7/1/97 11:25 PM

Hi Ben and ALL,
I promise... I swear... NO MORE TRUE NORTH FROM ME!  However.... Frank 
might want to check the difference between "sun" time and "star" time. 
Unfortunately, with the introduction of time zones, Dr. Helfenschmaltz of 
the Zurich Solar Observatory and Alpine Suntanning Salon... reminds us that 
the sun is not overhead at noon as it should be.  If it were, then everyone 
in a given time zone would have the sun directly overhead... which of 
course is impossible.
While this is all quite fascinating... it's a lot easier to call the local 
airport and ask for the magnetic declination.... Darn... I promised I 
wouldn't get into this again... but I almost can't help myself.... Then 
again, I may be incorrigible!
For more information on finding true north...please check the TowerTalk 
Roger, K2JAS
PS.... if you have a surveyer's survey of your property (from the time you 
bought your home)... it's real easy to check that, since it must show your 
property lines as well as true north.  Failing that... a good street map 
will just about do the same thing showing the alignment of the street in 
front of your property with true north.  But I promised I wouldn't get into 
At 02:15 AM 7/2/97 +0000, you wrote: 
>Not true north again..........
>> Just mark the tower's shadow at 1601Z and thats true north!  I assume 
>> sunshine isn't a big problem in 8P...
>> 73
>> Frank
>> W3LPL
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