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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: [CQ-Contest] Magnetic Variation
From: (Crawford, Victor)
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 1997 10:16:51 -0500
>Except that pilots don't call it that, and will give you funny looks
>(even over the telephone) if you ask for magnetic declination.

Hi Bill

"variation" is correct.  I lived with variation, declination, great circle,
rhumb line, etc. for 35 years and 25K flying hours.

Mid-west amateurs have little reason to worry about variation as
the "zero" line goes through Greenbay, Wis., and Louisville, Ky.  It is
only 4 degrees West at Cleveland and 4 degrees East at St. Louis, MO.  New
York City is 16 degrees West and Los Angeles is 15 degrees East,

Here in Northern Michigan I use the North Star (no worry about "true noon")
and forget about variation.

I still have maps with variation lines.  An E-mail with your QTH will bring
your variation.

Vic, W1TYQ

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