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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: texas towers back order
From: (Jim Pratt)
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 1997 22:18:06 -0700 (PDT)
On Wed, 2 Jul 1997 wrote:


> When you asked for faster shipping, why on earth would you expect us to pay
> for overnight shipping at a cost that exceeds the value of what you are
> buying let alone the possible profit on some thimbles? You need to understand

Well, I need to research the UPS charges that would actually have 
occurred, but I was charged almost $23 in shipping and handling charges 
for this order.  You already were going to send another box at, perhaps 
$6 or $7, I was asking for it to be expedited for another $5 or $6 perhaps.  
That seems like a small price to pay for good will.

> I might ask you, why would you choose a public forum like this reflector to
> air your discontent? Are you so angry that you wish to damage my company and
> cause it to lose sales? Would you like to see Texas Towers actually close its
> doors because we back order a few thimbles for a few days? Surely not! But
> that is the very appearance that you have given me!

Well, "discontent" is an interesting word.  Actually, I was relaying an 
experience I had to the group.  Yes, I was disappointed, but what I said 
happened did happen.  It was meant as a flag to perhaps assist other 
amateurs who, like me, may have schedules associated with their projects 
and who, like me, may have those schedules disrupted.

> Again, my aplogy for the problem. Too bad there can't be an offsetting
> positive message from the more than 1000 other customers whose orders were
> delivered without a hitch last month!

This is my second order from TT.  The first was a couple of years ago, 
when I ordered some aluminum tubing,  That order was processed as 
promised, no problem.  And I did get everything else in this order.  But 
the point, as was mentioned by others on this reflector already, was 
being told one thing then finding out that for whatever reason what I was 
told was incorrect.  And that the company wasn't willing to stand behind 
what they said in the first place.

I got quite a number of personal replies from people who have NOT posted 
them to this reflector, relaying similar experiences with TT.  Believe 
me, my intent is not to get you to close your doors or to get people to 
take their business elsewhere.  When I spoke with your rep on the phone, 
I carefully laid out my point of view, and was told "no".  I attempted to 
gain satisfaction first by talking to your rep.  When that failed, I felt 
it appropriate to share my experience with others.

Overall, I was pleased with TT's prompt filling of the order.  I 
certainly am not adding your firm to my "black list", and shall probably 
purchase items from your company in the future.  I shall just be sure to 
add a time buffer in my project timeline to compensate for such anomalies 
that may arise for whatever reason.  Thanks for your response, and 73.  
And now on with our regularly scheduled programming...

Jim  N6IG

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