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[TowerTalk] texas towers back order

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Subject: [TowerTalk] texas towers back order
From: (Monte Stark)
Date: Wed, 02 Jul 1997 22:42:47 -0700
Hi All,

I have ordered 3 times from Texas Towers. Each time there was no
problem, either with the people or shipping. 

Order value was from less than $100 to over $4,000. Each time
I was treated the same.

So far they are batting 1000 with me.

Let me say this about mail order in general.....

At work, we have to get about 75% of all our equipment and supplies
via mail order. Backorders are so common from all vendors that
you must keep this in mind when making schedules. And most of them
have to rely on what the computer says. If I could have a nickle
for everytime a "in stock" order wound up being backordered, I'd
go buy a big steak dinner! That doesn't make it nice or even
right, but that is reality.

If my guys schedule work before they have all the equipment on
hand, they know that they are in a position to make me unhappy!

And I, for one at least, am very glad that the vendors are on the
list. Shoot, I had a question while putting the Force12 togeather
last Sunday and Tom was there with an answere in less than 30 mins!

At least the problems seem to be minor compaired to the old "I sent
the money and never heard from him again" troubles that used to be
so common!

When I get mad is when the vendor will not return your calls and 
is never "in" when you call! Funny how you tend to forget where
you put their phone numbers.....  :-)

Thanks for letting me put my 2 cents in.

cul, Ron, KU7Y

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