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Subject: [TowerTalk] anchor points
From: (Rick Mainhart)
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 1997 20:49:43 -0400

That's the LAST time I try to do any thinking after working overtime
fixing someone else's air conditioning. 


Slightly embarrassed,

Rick, WB3EXR

On Mon, 30 Jun 97 17:52:20 -0400 Bill Coleman AA4LR <>
>On 6/29/97 9:28 PM, Rick Mainhart at wrote:
>>Ah ... a cubic yard is 3 x 3 x 3 or 27 cubic feet.
>>27*.67= 18.09 cubic feet required (using your figure)
>>18.09/3.14=5.76 feet depth required for 1 foot diameter;
>>18.09/6.28=2.88 feet depth required for 2 foot diameter.
>Hmm. My back of the envelope computation says something isn't right. 
>you double the diameter, that quadruples the volume per foot of 
>If 5.76 feet is right for a 1 foot hole, then a two foot hole should 
>require 1/4 of that, or roughly 1.5 feet, less about an inch or so.
>The volume should be 2*pi*h*r**2. For a 1 foot diameter hole, that's 
>cubic feet per foot of height, or around 1.6 cubic feet per foot. Such 
>hole would have to be over 11 feet deep to be 18 cubic feet.
>For the 2 foot diameter hole, your computation is correct, as each 
>of height yeilds 2pi cubic feet. 
>>Not sure whether I'd try to second guess the engineering.
>Certainly not with math like that. <grin>
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