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Subject: [TowerTalk] tower mfr specs
From: (Greville Balzarini)
Date: Thu, 03 Jul 1997 10:28:39 -0400
Frank wrote:

>The T600-64 specs (one antenna no more than 2' above the tower) are:
> 70 mph: 600 lbs, 60 sq. ft.
> 85 mph: 700 lbs, 35 sq. ft.
>100 mph: 400 lbs, 15 sq. ft.
>Is Caveat Emptor (sp) the rule here?  If so, how does one make an informed
>decision when only the tower manufacturer knows the truth?  I guess every
>purchase boils down to trusting the mfr by the reputation he has built -
>Trylon has this reputation with the commercial microwave towers, but the
>Titan ham tower line ???

My experience with the Trylon Sales Rep, so far, is as follows:

I e0mailed him and gave him my requirements as follows:

64-72 foot tower.  Able to sustain 18 sq. feet of wind load with out mast
and/or supporting piping.
I gave him a list of my antennas with wind loading and the wind rating for
my area, NE US, Mass coast. (100mph)

His response and time frame were great, no problem.  The construction of the
tower looks, the key word is looks, good.  I have never seem one of these
I received information from the sales rep and I am told that a T-500-72 will
work just find and that he has one in stock for immediate delivery.
Great, sound good and it is available.

Now my problem:  

The T-500-72 is rated in the Manufacturer catalog for 6 sq. ft at 100 mph wind.
I will have at least 20 sq. ft on the tower.

Where to go to find out the correct loading for the tower, I am not sure...

Is it as Frank said in his message, WATCH OUT, or do we believe the
Manufacturer or the Sales Rep ???

I am at wits end for an answer.

Thanks for your time and any reply that makes it to me.

73, sandy, n1mau
Greville (Sandy) Balzarini, Parts Quality
IIS Varian, Gloucester, MA
tel: 508-282-2563
fax: 508-283-4542

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