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[TowerTalk] Beam alignment

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Beam alignment
From: jtn@te-cats.COM (John T. Nogatch)
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 1997 11:41:17 -0700
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> Date: Thu, 3 Jul 1997 13:39:00 -0500 
> 2) The popular Ham IV rotor has break stopping points only every 4.8
> degress.  Couple a slight misalignement with this and you could easily
> be off almost 10 degrees from where you wanted to point it.

I've heard of rotator problems, but one that "breaks" every 5 deg
sounds really bad.

"degress"? Perhaps that's "a degree more or less", an appropriate
unit for this discussion.

Some funny doings on Field Day:

1. Heil headsets are nice, but the logger couldn't hear what was
happening. The solution was to leave the earphone plug just
touching, but not pushed in enough to kill the speaker.

2. The memory keyer did not interface to the FT-757 correctly,
because it has a 3 conductor jack. The solution was to leave the
keyer plug just touching, but not pushed in all the way.

3. The technical guru comes over and says, "You're clobbering
our other station; this in-line trap will reduce it by 30 db."
After making at least one phone contact, it seems very slow,
so I decide to tune up for CW. I can't get a match, or any
significant power out! After several minutes, I remove the
in-line trap, and everything is OK again.

4. Around 20:30 local time I hear a VK calling CQ. I call him
just to see if a low 1-wavelength loop can get him. He comes
back, but after the RST exchange he says "UR USING DIFFERENT
CALL EACH TIME" then goes back to calling CQ. I must have
switched from the club callsign to my own in mid-QSO. I decide
to give up and go to sleep.

| John AC6SL |

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