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[TowerTalk] Figuring Noon

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Figuring Noon
From: (Mary-Frances R. Bartels)
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 1997 13:11:26 MST
   I have to give a small chuckle over some of the t.n. discussion and
aiming beams.  Believe me, I think they are very important and I was very
picky when I put up my solar panels to make sure they were pointing
nearly due south and I religiously adjust their angle according to
season.  However...
   Almost a week ago I worked my very first ARES event (Sunrayce). 
During the event I had to access a repeater about 50 miles from the site
which was in a virtual RF black hole.  The ONLY way to get out of the
hole was to use power (50 watts or more on 2M is nice) and 10+ element
   I still don't use a beam at home, but, when confronted with the one I
was borrowing, all the t.n. and related threads immediately came to mind.
 Hmm.  Determine t.n., use a rotor, and get out a great circle map to
figure exactly where to point the darned thing.  In the end, you want to
know how we "got" the repeater?  I got out a AAA state map, said that the
repeater should be roughly "that-a-way" and some guys moved the antenna
around while I "worked" the repeater and got "ear-ball" readings on my
signal strength.  I must admit that I was surprised that this "simpler"
method was first mentioned to me.
   My point?  :-)  I think it's that ~sometimes~ just wing it and it
actually might work (of course I don't recommend "winging it" with
respect to tower construction, just aiming antennas in this case).
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