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[TowerTalk] WARNING: Enough on Texas Towers already

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Subject: [TowerTalk] WARNING: Enough on Texas Towers already
From: (Dan)
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 1997 21:16:59 -0400
Hi OM's,

I have developed tremendous respect for Steve & he has been a great help to
me in recent months.  I really appreciate this reflector & the way Steve
oversees it.

However, I agree with Bill on the issue of airing our experiences with
tower and antenna manufacturers.  Purchasing supplies is a major part of
what we do.  When something goes wrong, we can all learn from it.  We
consumers can learn how to forsee possible pitfalls and how to better
conduct business with the vendors.  The vendors may come to better
appreciate our point of view, and the quality of their service may improve.

Generally, we aren't going to stop buying from a particular vendor just
because of one problem & some "piling on".  We know that people sometimes
go a little overboard--especially when they are emotionally involved.  When
someone is going too far, we can tell him so & get on with the discussion. 
(BTW, I agree that all of the issues in the TT discussion have been aired &
it is time to move on.  For the most part, I think that those involved
conducted themselves well.)

The volume of response is (in my opinion) an indication of the level of
interest and importance to the subscribers.  Those who are not interested
can choose not to read.  Acquiring materials is an important part of this
aspect of our hobby & I hope this reflector will support a discussion of
all related issues, including customer service.

Dan Long (W4TQ)
8035 Tokyo Pt.
Dunnellon, FL 34433
phone: 352-563-0934

> I believe this situation with Texas Towers has more than run it's course.
> However, considering this supplier is probably the largest for the
> of this group... I think the information provided both pro and con are
> worthwhile, to a point.  To say that nobody should discuss tower and
> suppliers in this forum is going too far.  It is pertinent to the topic.
> Steve is the admin of this list.  I am not.  What he says, goes.  I'm
> voicing my opinion as a user of the list.
> 73
> Bill, W4AN

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