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Subject: [TowerTalk] Show me the money!
From: (Mike Bragassa)
Date: Fri, 04 Jul 1997 19:11:41 -0500
At 09:32 AM 7/4/97 -0400, Bill Fisher, W4AN wrote:
>Just got done reading the article in the Smithsonian about the tower
>climbers in Texas.  Was wondering what professionals charge to do a big job
>like a 500' tower? 

Some 17 years ago while living in central Michigan, our local repeater was
on a 700 foot shared tower. If repair /replacement was needed it was, as I
recall, $50.00 / hour for the crew (3-4). Consequently we would wait until
another service needed antennae work and split the cost. 

$50.00 / hour would equate, in todays dollars to... what, probably $200.oo
/ hour?

These fellows told me that they did work on a 1100 footer up in northern
Michigan (Maybe Alpena?) the winter, when ice was on the tower. That
they would use their own snatch block winch cable (whatever they call it?)
to lift theirselves and equipment, with a cathead on the pickup to winch
up/down. They would not use the cable on the tower. Would not trust it..I
guess that means one guy has to make the climb to carry up the cable. Or
maybe they would ude the towerts permanent cable 'just' to string their
cable? Whatever.

This winch cable would be pulleyed 50 feet or so above their work area. I
saw them swing out 10-15 feet to work on a vertical that was side mounted
on a 15 foot ...side mount contraption that held the vertical.

I guess it's not not how high you are; it's just that sudden stop !

Not me ! I'll stay w/ my 100-125 footers.


Mike, K5UO
Conroe, Texas
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