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[TowerTalk] Pulling coax in conduit

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Pulling coax in conduit
From: seay@Alaska.NET (Jan & Del Seay)
Date: Mon, 07 Jul 1997 04:19:51 -0700
The telco guys have a thing that they call "Tampax".
It's available from standard suplliers such as Anixter, Graybar 
Electric, etc.

It is a plastic blob filled with a small pull string. You tie
off the loose end of the string, jam the tampax in the conduit,
stick an air hose in the hole and that sucker rips through
like a dose of salts thru a widow!
de KL7HF

Stan Griffiths wrote:
> Well, I once watched as the telephone company "blew a string" into 300 feet
> of buried conduit so they could run a fiber optic cable with some existing
> runs.  There was no "pull rope" or "pull cable" in the conduit at the time
> and that was the problem.  If you have never heard of this technique before,
> it is fascinating and sounds impossible when described, but I watched it
> work.  It requires a fairly good air compressor and a continuous "plastic
> bag" with no ends in it that comes off of a reel.  The plasic bag is
> actually a long plastic tube about the diameter of the conduit and at least
> as long as the conduit run you are trying to put the "string" in.  Your
> conduit may be too small for this technique to work effectively.  I have no
> idea where I would buy the "long plastic bag on a reel" but I would ask the
> local telephone company where they get theirs.
> If anybody has any interest in how this magic is actually performed, I will
> try to describe it for you.  I saw it work and I understand it perfectly.
> It will be tough to describe it without using scratch paper to diagram it .
> . . but I am willing to try if you want to know . . .
> Stan
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