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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re:TDR
From: (Anthony R. Gold)
Date: Mon, 07 Jul 1997 14:35:29 +0100 BST
In message <> John Brosnahan writes:
> >>The only case I can imagine is near a strong 25Mhz signal.   Since the
> >>test frequency for the AEA TDR box is 25Mhz.   It should be a fine test
> >>instrument for ham use....
> >>
> >>W8SS  Joe
> I am not familiar with the guts of the AEA TDR but normally a TDR puts
> out a fast-rise-time DC pulse and there is no sine wave RF component.  The
> PRF (pulse repitition frequency) is usually much lower than 25 MHz to
> allow for reasonably long coax runs.  So I don't know where this 25 MHz
> "test frequency" comes from.  

The CableMate Analyst uses pulse for the TDR display to locate 
discontinuities and a 25MHz signal for RF line loss measurements.

> >As someone said earlier, I don't think AEA made a TDR box.  I think these
> >two guys are talking about apples and oranges . . .  
> YES, AEA made a TDR, but no one knew about it.  It is/was called the CableMate
> and looks just like their  HF Analyst.  It was priced at $995, but the QST ad
> p.7, Sept. 1996 shows it "discounted" to $499

These are now on special offer at $299.95. AEA/Tempo say they will 
have product in 3rd week of August.  Phone (760) 598-9677.  I have no 
connection with Tempo except I am waiting for 3rd week of August :-)

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