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[TowerTalk] Pulling coax in conduit

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Pulling coax in conduit
From: (Bill Cotter)
Date: Mon, 07 Jul 1997 13:41:36 -0400

You are probably correct in assuming that the pull string is wrapped
all around the existing cables. Pulling in a heavier
pull-cord/cable/string, and then using it to pull in additional cables
may injure the existing cables. I have seen this happen in
communications conduits where pulling in one cable (pull string
intertwined with existing cables) in a partially filled conduit
literally burned off the PVC jackets off of a couple of the existing
cables. As difficult as it sounds, I would consider pulling out all
cables (with a new pull string attached!) and repull the whole run. Use
plenty of lubricant, preferably silicone based. Definately do NOT use
the yellow waxy substance, it hardens into a mess that is next to
impossible to get out.

If you loose your pull string, electricians use a "mouse" to install a
new one. This is a ball-like object with a lightweight string attached
and stuffed into the conduit. A shop vac's output is used to blow the
mouse down the conduit.

Bill N4ALG

At 07:42 PM 7/5/97 -0600, you wrote:
>Hello to all!
>I have a 300 foot run of 2 inch PVC well casing that I buried.  I placed
>4 cables in it before I cemented the 20 foot sections together but I
>also included a nylon rope for pulling future cables.  I have a feeling
>this small nylon rope wound around as the other cables were pushed
>through so that it may be impossible to pull another cable although the
>conduit is fairly empty.
>I could always tie a larger rope on the small rope and pull it through,
>thus changing the pull line.  That is an option but the basic problem
>My question is does anyone know if electrical fish tape is practical for
>use in a very large conduit 300 feet long?  Where does one get this
>stuff if it can be used.
>What I am aiming for is to put 600 feet of that double braided 3/16"
>nylon through that pipe.  Then I have enough to pull from either end.
>Any suggestions?
>Charlie, W0YG..>>
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