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[TowerTalk] HDX-572(MDPL) crankup tower

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Subject: [TowerTalk] HDX-572(MDPL) crankup tower
From: (Frank T. Brady)
Date: Mon, 7 Jul 1997 11:13:07 -0700
Well gang, having been turned off by Trylon's refusal to release engineering
information to help with the permit process, I'm back to crank-ups.  The
LM470E by TriEx has a 70mph wind load spec of only 15 sq. ft. - certainly
not sturdy enough for me to feel comfortable about stacking 20m and 40m
monobanders on a mast extended ten or twelve feet above the tower top.

It looks like the only intelligent choice is the HDX-572(MDPL) with its spec
of 22 sq. ft. at 70 mph.

Now, several times on this reflector I've heard it said that the 572 (which
factory lists for about $6600) can be had for a little over $5000 if one
'shops around.'

I sure would appreciate any information I can get on what those people meant.

HRO (Anaheim) called me this morning and asked how I was coming on my tower
search. They verified that $6600+ is their list price also, but she said
they would match any bona fide price I can find.  I'm sure there must be an
awful lot of margin on this tower.  I am prepared to buy it if I can get it
for 'a little over $5000' (even though it means I will have nothing but a
tower for awhile).

Anyone out there have connnections?

 Frank - W0ECS

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