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[TowerTalk] Grounding your tower and standing off your coax?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Grounding your tower and standing off your coax?
From: (Wagner)
Date: Mon, 07 Jul 1997 19:40:43 -0400 wrote:

> I have recently put up a new tower, 50ft of 25G, beside my home with
> the
> tower bracketed at 21ft with a house bracket on the top sets a Force
> 12
> C4 at about 50ft. I have grounded the tower by driving an eight foot
> ground rod into the ground about 3ft away from the base of the tower.
> My
> problem is this, my home sets on a high plateau with a limestone rock
> shelf only a few feet below the ground, about 5 to 10ft depending on
> your
> location. I was only able to get the 5/8" X 8ft grnd rod about 5ft
> into
> the ground before hitting rock. I proceeded to take a hacksaw and cut
> it
> off at ground level and drive the remaining 3ft into the ground a few
> feet off to another corner of my 1 sq. yd . of concrete. I am using #6
> copper stranded wire to connect the tower legs to the grnd rods. My
> question is this, is this satisfactory grounding for a tower in my
> situation?

No.  You need to tie your tower ground to the power ground.  You don't
want pesky electrons searching all over your house for that other
Give them what they want.  #6 is a little small.  #2 or #0 would be
Strap would be better still, but either way, keep the copper away from
the galvanizing.

You also need a ground window.  Basically, tie all conductors coming
into your shack to a small copper or aluminum plate.  They may be
bonded directly (if at ground potential) or thru gas discharge tubes.
Make sure you don't miss the phone line, rotor line or cable tv line.
Also make sure that your cable tv ground is tied to the power line
ground (mine wasn't, and I lost two tv's and a vcr to lightning).

> Next I have two runs of RG-213/U up the tower for the beam currently I
> have the coax mounted to one of the legs of the tower with
> draw-tights,
> is it better to have the coax cable hanging off to the side with a
> coax
> standoff of some type?
> Any reply is greatly appreciated.

It's better to keep it close to the tower, for both RF & lightning
After all, lightning is "temporary" RF.

> 73,
> David E. Shelton KE4FPS
> Amateur Radio Transmitting Society of Louisville, KY
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