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[TowerTalk] Phasing Dipoles

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Phasing Dipoles
From: (Luiz Felipe Valente Ceglia)
Date: Tue, 08 Jul 1997 10:52:41 -0300
Hi folks,

I am planning to put up a phased dipole for 40 meters or some upper HF band.

As seen at Joseph Carr's Practical Antenna Handbook, I  must must put two
dipoles, in line, separeted about half a wave one from other, and feeded
via 75 ohms cable to a "box".

The mighty problem is: 

1 - The diagram in the book says that there is a 1:1 balun at each dipole's
center (I think I can skip that).

2 - "The Box" needs to be a 2:1 balun or a phasing box.

So, how can (may) I build the 2:1 and 1:1 (skippable?) and/or phasing box?

Is that worth? The book says that there is about a 3 dB gain over a single
dipole. Are there more simple antenna designs or sets that work better than
this one? Is there any www resource about it?

This may look like a simple, or even a off-topic questions, as I have only
seen guys talking about big beams. BTW, I don't have many time of radio as
you guys, and shurely most of you are older in radio than me in age. ;)

Thanks, and 73's

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