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[TowerTalk] interaction kt34xa's and 40 meter beams

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Subject: [TowerTalk] interaction kt34xa's and 40 meter beams
From: (Effinger SH (Sam) @MSXSOPC)
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 1997 13:53:53 -0500
my first tower is 120 foot tall with a 20 foot length of  4130 chrome
molly mast sticking out the top.  

I have a 2 element cushcraft 40 meter beam at the 135 foot level and the
first of  
three kt34xa's at 120 feet.  (will stack at 120,80and 40 feet)

I plan on stacking 3 xa  but want to know if there will be any
interaction if I put another 2 element 40 meter beam down the
tower...which will be mixed in
amoung the kt34xa's..

I know the tower will be loaded and all that but I am just wondering
what the 
interaction of all this on one tower will be ?  plan on shunt feeding
the tower for 
160 and also have the 4 sloper system from 110 feet for 80 meteres?? 

If this will work it would allow me to have one less tower...I was going
to put up another 120 footer  just for the 40 meter antennas...which
would be 135 and what ever the lower one would be??

When I put up this xa I used pop rivets along with the regular clamps at
the joints ..(not by capacitors) and I am happy with the f/b and all
aspects so far.
Still have 2 more to put up and I am looking foreward to that...

hope to work everyone this weekend...

Thanks for any comments...73 Sam
Sam Effinger
SIET- Utilities

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