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Subject: [TowerTalk] Lightning
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Date: Wed, 9 Jul 1997 20:00:10 -0400 (EDT)
Craig, You where lucky, On Tuesdy evening I lost my AL1200 and also my Icom
2AT, also my garage door opener, sprinkler system control, home alarm
system, a couple of power strips.

Insurance company says all covered.

The ft1000d looks ok, PC, and TNC look ok, TH11 ok,  TV, stero other
electronics made the first inital pass (smoke test) when power was restored.

 now to check the rotator, ant switch box, and other things.

Also the underground Power transformer that feeds my house was blown up also. 
Local power company replaced that in about 3 hours.



>        I have always been a believer of disconnecting everything (rotor
>wires, coax and other control lines) where they enter the house.
>        Over the past few weeks, we have had several abnormally severe
>FROPAs here in NH. On MOnday, I was on the screen porch looking for leaks in
>the roof when lightning struck in the front yard...yes I had to
>change......crackle, flashboom! Boy does that get the heart to race. No
>damage done from that one.
>        Later, another large cell came by. I was working here in the shack
>where the bulhead to the exterior is. When, "SNAP," the coax from one of my
>antennas arced to ground from another lightning stike (induced voltage.)
>Charred the wooden window frame too. (Had one storm years ago that blew a
>chunk out of a double barrel UHF connector!)
>        So, to keep everything at ground, I have now grounded all incoming
>coax connectors; shield to coqax center pin to ground wire. 
>        While this will not prevent damage from a direct strike, will the
>additional grounding (of two DC-ground antennas) help reduce the risk of any
>additional problems?
>73 Craig
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