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Subject: [TowerTalk] Lightning Protection
From: (Roderick M. Fitz-Randolph)
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 1997 19:42:42 -0500
After being hit three times at a gateway digi between Jackson, TN
and Huntsville, AL, I decided that enough was enough and took steps
to minimize the risk of that possibilty.  I purchased "The 'Grounds'
for Lightning and EMP Protection" while at Dayton and have read most
of it rather thoroughly.... especially that part about using several
.016" thick by 6 inch wide copper strap from the bulkhead panel to
a sandwich bar at the ground level and hence to a good earth ground,

Today, I noticed in a hardware store a roll of aluminum that measures
.007" thick by 20" wide by 10 feet long.... for $14.  After having
been told that copper strap is very expensive, I pondered the use of
the Aluminum Valley that is, I believe, used at the junction of two
converging roofs to water proof that area under shingles.

Albeit, it is only .007" thick versus the .016 thick copper strap
alluded to on page 31 of the above mentioned PolyPhaser book, it
occurred that its prime use was to reduce inductance and thereby
lower the L di/dt induced voltage at the bulkhead panel through which
the coax enters the building.  Certainly the 20 inch wide aluminum
sheet would reduce the inductance.

Can anyone offer their opinions as to the suitability of the aluminum
valley (20" wide by .007" thick by whatever length is needed) as opposed
to, say, 2 each 6" wide by .016 inch thick copper strap?  Seems to me that
it ought to do the job.... but then I've been wrong before.

Your comments invited.  Some how or other, I must stop these $700 repair/
replacement bills attendent each lightning strike!!!!!!

73, Rod  W5HVV

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