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[TowerTalk] TowerTalk Lightning Protection-UPS Power Bullet-Proofing

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Subject: [TowerTalk] TowerTalk Lightning Protection-UPS Power Bullet-Proofing
From: (Lee Roger Wical)
Date: Wed, 09 Jul 1997 19:13:57 -0700
        Why not "kill two birds with one stone". Why not "bullet-Proof" your
network and PC systems with a Uninterrupted Power System?  (UPS, not the
parcel group!) It provides superior power protection from utility problems,
blackouts, brownouts, sags, EMI/RFI noise and surges.
         I learned this while in Bosnia with AT&T as we used an APC
"Professional Powercell" which is heavily lightning/surge protected on the
AC power side and also has a protected telephone line-in and line-out to
your modem/computer. 
        We carried a whole satellite terminal, computer stn, modem, T-1 and
even a work light and a solder gun, just for "human engineering" purposes.
The APC units we used there were programmable for 115/220VAC and 50/60Hz.
They were a back breaker to lift onto an equipment shelf or work table, but
they held the sags and blackouts and we would seldom lose a track of the
        They were so popular there, the local in-country post exchanges
ordered them for their computers/NCR cash registers at each camp and post.
(BTW: NCR is owned bt AT&T as is LUCENT).
        Advantage: It's protects power spikes, as power companies dump their
primarys which really spike the secondary to home delivery. Plus, whatever
model you purchase will depend on your computer load/station loads. 
        It's an AC to DC to AC converter with a replaceable gel cell which,
depending on usage, should last between 3 to 5-yrs. In life, as in business,
there are no guarantees. We have power disruptions here and loss of inputed
data, w/o storage,  can be frustrating.
       APC=American Power Conversion, Corporate Hq; 132 Fairgrounds Road;
West Kingston, RI 02892
US & Canada: 1(800) 4APC; FAX 1(401) 789-5735,  Worldwide Ofc 1(410) 789-3710
        APC Toll free customer service support is excellent, IMHO. Hope this
soliciates your attention to detail.
Aloha, Lee  
At 01:04 AM 7/10/97 +0100, you wrote:
>A week and a half ago one of my towers took a direct hit during an
>electrical storm.  Thanks to a good "single point" ground system linking
>all towers, the station, main telephone ground and power company ground
>not one antenna or piece of equipment in the shack was damaged EXCEPT
>for the one item I failed to protect.  When protecting your station do
>not forget to provide surge protection for the telephone line going to
>your computer modem.  I forgot and it cost me a computer.  No question,
>from the physical evidence, that the phone line to modem path was the
>one "selected".  Two other computers in the shack which did not have
>phone lines connected and which were otherwise protected did not suffer
>any damage.
>Radio Shack and others, BTW, sell surge protectors which protect both AC
>and phone lines.  The beauty is that the manufacturer of these devices
>insures up to $10,000 worth of electronics plugged in if the device
>fails.  Pretty cheap insurance--costs about 10% of my homeowner's
>deductable which is what I had to rely on this time.
>Jerry Boyd
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Lee Wical

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