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[TowerTalk] The NEW Galvanized vs Copper Specs ?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] The NEW Galvanized vs Copper Specs ?
From: (Billy W. Cox)
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 20:01:15 -0700
A new topic ...

Recently the NEW EIA "specs" have been mentioned on here with
a MAJOR change being the "Copper NO NO" "Galvanized GOOD GOOD"
specifications ....

While out working in the antenna farm (means sitting on a riding
mower and thinking "Field of ANTENNA Dreams") and pondering where
to bury more COPPER radials ... I had a question cross my mind ...

What are ALL the COMMERCIAL Broadcast type stations (say AM type) 
going to do now in light of the NEW specs ?

They as a rule use the "120 radials+ at 0.4w" type ground systems, ones
made of COPPER no less, I would assume (dangerous word). With 120
radials, the radials HAVE to pass by the anchors VERY CLOSE ....

So in the future will their 'ground systems' be galvanized also now ?

EIA sure rhymes with EPA ... Someone in the know please tell us
what is going on with this please ...

Or will we someday have a "spec" that states: "Towers can NO longer
be installed UP, as they "might" fall DOWN .... therefore install
the structures in the DOWN position to be 100% SAFE."

Thanks !

73 Billy AA4NU

PS ... Sad to report, rumor is my pink flamingo is no longer, the 
       wasps filled it's head, the moles ate it's feet. If I had then
       ONLY known to point it's beak TRUE NORTH ... alas alas alas ...

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