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Subject: [TowerTalk] Frequent topics here. Info
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 1997 20:10:41 -0700
Or go directly to our web site,
Also search for the National Lightning Safety Institute. I know they've a web 
site, but
don't have it at home. They're in Louisville, Colo. (pronounced as spelled, not 
like the
Louisville in Ky.) which is just north of Denver.
73, Bob Wanderer AA0CY
Sr Appl Engr, PolyPhaser Corp.

From:  Frank T. Brady[]
Sent:  Wednesday, July 09, 1997 8:01 PM
Subject:  Re: [TowerTalk] Frequent topics here.  Info 

Other good lightning tutorial sources are the archived lightning
conversation 'threads' recorded on the Polyphaser web site:

It may be easier to just search for "Polyphaser" using Alta Vista or some
other Search Engine.

I'm currently reading the two archived threads and learning a lot - I
captured then and made hard copies.

And it apparently goes without saying that one order the famous Polyphaser
book that you will see mentioned often in the threads - as well as the
products by ICE and Josyln.

My constractor will soon begin building the 30x24 garage that will house my
ham shack at the new QTH and I'm desperate to learn enough to install a good
"ground window" during the construction.  The same goes for all of the
utility trenches and paths to the house and garage - I have a chance to 'do
them right' if I can just find out what 'right' is in time<g>.


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