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Subject: [TowerTalk] ALUMINUM V COPPER
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 97 13:16:53
     The major concern I'd have with the aluminum is its thinness 
     insofar as carrying "boocoo" current was concerned. It's half the 
     thickness of our copper strap. You probably don't need 6"-wide 
     copper strap at the entrance panel. This width is necessary in 
     commercial sites because of the circumferences of the cables and 
     waveguide used in those applications. The ground system must have 
     a surface area equal to and preferably exceeding the 
     circumferences of these cables and waveguides. If your digi has 
     but one or two RG8-sized cables, 1.5"- or 3"-wide strap will do 
     nicely. A 100' roll of our 1.5"-wide copper strap lists for 
     $100.95. A hundred feet of that aluminum you mentioned would be 
     $40.00 more. (A 25' roll of that same width strap lists for 
     $25.95; again, the equivalent length of that aluminum stuff would 
     cost more.) 
     By the way, we have a distributor in southern New Jersey who will 
     knock about 10% off these list prices and will sell you whatever 
     length of strap you need; so you need not buy more than you 
     actually require. Contact Ron Block at W.R. Block and Associates 
     at 800.421.7170. He can assist with technical questions too. His 
     brother is the founder of PolyPhaser and he's a ham too.
     Bob Wanderer AA0CY
     Senior Applications Engineer
     PolyPhaser Corp.

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