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Subject: [TowerTalk] WRONG CATV HARDLINE?
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997 18:54:45 -0500
Hello everyone,
        As you all know,I have inquired about CATV hardline to be
used at my station.I have gained an overwhelming amount of info on
the subject.I thought I was close to my plan of attack until today.My
hardline was delivered by my buddy and I was shocked to see that it
was  only about 11/16 in. in diameter.It is blackjacketed,with aluminum 
condutor jacket.The inner conductor is copper covered aluminum wire.The 
innerconductor is about the same size as the center conductor on a PL 
fitting.Therefore it is to big to be soldered into a fitting.The outside 
diameter of the hardline is too small to be used with the plumbing fitting that 
so many
of you suggested I use for my adaptor.I was assuming the hardline I was 
going to get was about 1 in. in diameter which most of the references from
my inquiry on the reflector were talking about.This is why I now question
whether or not this cable is going to work for me.The manufacturer name
on the cable is Commscope.Im not real concerned about adapting it to
the fittings I need,but I now question whether or not it is 75 ohm.Can I 
assume it is since it is used for CATV? My buddy also indicated that this
was the biggest cable they use.I hope it is just a smaller type of cable
and it will work for me.I look forward to your responses.

        Thanks in advance,Bob-WT9Q

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