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Date: Sat, 12 Jul 1997 09:04:35 -0700
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Except that where we are, adding the cost of the deductible to the cost 
of losing the claims-free discount quickly becomes a substantial amount 
of money vs. the cost of reasonable protection. So weigh that into the 
``but insurance covers it,'' argument.


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On 12 Jul 97, <> wrote:

> << A 100' roll of our 1.5"-wide copper strap lists for 
>       $100.95 >>
> Ya know, I only need about a thousand feet of that stuff to do the job up
> right...

You have to look at the cost-benefit ratio. I presume you are 
insured, so why spend mega-bucks for protection which probably 
wouldn't work on a direct hit, anyway. Do you think your homeowners 
ins. co. is going to give you an "ultimate lightning protection 

I believe reasonable lightning protection makes sense (after all, we 
still have a deductible), but why go overboard? That's what insurance 
is for...

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