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[TowerTalk] RE: "Ground Crew" @ tower installation

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Subject: [TowerTalk] RE: "Ground Crew" @ tower installation
From: (Dale Martin)
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 1997 10:32:53 -0500
On Sunday, July 13, 1997 3:14 AM, Dale Jones K5MM[] wrote:
>   To:  KG5U & K0GUG, et al:
>   You both discussed using ground crews during tower/antenna install-
>   ations:
>   Having capable and experienced 'ground crew' help is just CRITICALLY
>   IMPORTANT when installing towers and antennas.  The crew needs to
>understand the lingo of tools, hardware, towers, ropes, carribeaners,
>buckets, food, drinks, etc.  

I agree.  

>   For Americans, it is most helpful for the crew to speak the American
>   version of the English language as a mother tongue. 
I agree again. 

>   I had the unfortunate experience of being married to a British female
>   once, and had the further unfortunate experience of asking that 
>   homosapien to help me by providing some 'ground crew' help on an 
>   antenna project one day.  While on top of the tower, using a gin-pole 
>   and its associated rope, I was holding an HF Yagi with my hands, and  
>   yelled down to this inept ground person to "Tie the rope off"!!
>   That request didn't sink in very quickly....and eventually I had to 
>   xplain in micro-detail; "take the rope, put the end of it through 
>   a rung in the tower, and PLEASE proceed to tie a knot in the rope so the
>   freeking antenna wouldn't fall down when my strength gave out!!"  That
>   finally worked.
>   Upon reaching the ground, I tried to be civil and ask "Didn't you 
>   understand me when I asked you to tie the g.d. rope off?".  The 
>   answer was "It was already OFF, YOU should have asked me to tie
>   it ON"!!!  jesus christo!!  How stupid of me!!  Now I know better,
>   but that water has already passed under the bridge.
>   MORAL:  Don't use incapable, inexperienced, ignorant people for ground
>   crews.  

I still  agree 
Get the BEST help you can afford, and feed them good sandwiches
>   and all the Pepsi or Root Beer they want.  (No real beer, they might
>   throw the empty bottles at you).  Especially, DO NOT use
>doing so, divorce courts get filled up, and YOU will have visions of 
>   committing hari-cari.

I disagree....However, if you know for sure that she has just recently taken 
out a humongous accidental death insurance policy out on you, then you
may want to rethink using her. 

But, Dale, it all falls back to training.  If the person is trained 
properly and adequately to the satisfaction of whoever is going
to be up on the tower, then it doesn't matter what the gender is. 
Or the relationship.

Don't forget, it's someone's wife/significant other who is either
piloting the Space Shuttle (probably the single, most complex
piece of equipment ever constructed), operating the experiments 
onboard, maneuvering the Remote Manipulator System (robotic 
arm), going into the payload bay on EVA, fixing the Hubble 
Space Telescope, etc.   They were all trained right along with 
the male astronauts.   


Dale Martin, KG5U

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