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[TowerTalk] cross country twr purchase

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Subject: [TowerTalk] cross country twr purchase
From: (Frank T. Brady)
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 1997 08:27:26 -0700
I'm hoping to benefit once again from the eons of experience on the reflector.

I've found a HDX-572 tower I want to purchase.  Unfortunately, it is in
Tampa FL and I am in So California.  The seller strongly suggests that I fly
to Tampa to make the purchase and oversee loading the tower on a commercial
or personal truck.

The tower is going for $2750 and the cost for transporting it is about $2350
whether I have it done by a commercial carrier or drive it back myself in a
rented 25ft truck (the gasoline alone would run between $600 and $700).  So,
the cost to me is actually $4100 plus about $350 air fare and whatever costs
are incurred to pay people like a boom-truck / tow-truck to lift the tower
onto the truck (about $4500 total).

The best price I've seen for a new HDX-572 is in the $6200 to $6400 range
plus $300 shipping from Visalia Calif to my So CA QTH.

If anyone has bought a used tower, I sure would like to hear any suggestions
on ways to protect the interests of both the buyer and seller and transport
the thing.  I've heard that truckers (maybe only independents) are often
without a load to pay for their costs when returning after delivering a
load. In such cases, $1000 would make both the trucker and myself very
happy.  The only thing is, how does one 'connect' with such truckers?  

Any other suggestions or related stories would be appreciated.  This tower
is a fair deal IF I can somehow get possession without doubling the price
for shipping!

 Frank T. Brady
 W0ECS - Yorba Linda, CA

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