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[TowerTalk] QUAD and resonance

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Subject: [TowerTalk] QUAD and resonance
From: (Johan Van de Velde,ON4ANT)
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 1997 20:15:02 +0200
Hi there
Being in the process of mounting a quad antenna with quite large
i ran into something ..
The quad has 3 el on 40m, and is gamma fed..
while in mounting position, the bottom of the diamond shape is only 2 ft
above ground
the resonance is around 7200 khz with a 1.5 swr bandwith of 150 KHz..

The quad goes up to 80ft (central point)..
Will the resonance go up or down ????
the loop lenght is cut to be resonant at 7040 KHz
i know the ground plays a major role.. so resonance will change
In definitif position the quad will be high up so i don't want to chance
something to the loop lenght before i know (guess) which way resonance
will go

The quad mesures 46ft ( 3el on 40m and 6 el on 20 m and so on)
any input would be welcome

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