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[TowerTalk] Installing a mast.

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Installing a mast.
From: (Martin Gary)
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 21:50:57 -0400
Tie your main line to the mast at the 14' mark. Tie a tag line to the
10' section. When your ground crew pulls the mast to the top of the
tower, have them turn it over using the tag line. The mast will
naturally want to go up the tower with the 14' section down. When they
get the mast rotated, tie a line agound the gen pole and the mast right
above the point where you are going to drop it into the tower. This will
hold the mast "upright" (at this point you will want to remove the tag
line). Make sure you leave a little slack in it so that you will have
some room to guide it into the top of the tower. Then have the ground
crew lower the mast while you guide it into the tower. We did this with
a huge 16 bay UHF dipole array and it worked very well. Make sure that
you have someone else on the tower to help, you will need the extra 
hands to hold the mast upright while you guide it.
Good luck,
Martin, N3HRT

Monte Stark wrote:
> Hi All,
> I will soon be at the point of needing to put my mast down
> into the top of the tower.
> I am using a Rohn gin pole which is about 11' - 12'. The
> mast is 24'.
> How do I keep it hanging down?? Or would I be better off
> cutting about 4' off the mast? (I only need about 20' to
> handle what I'm doing).
> Thanks,
> 73, Ron,     SOWP 5545M,
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> Lake, Nevada....
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