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[TowerTalk] Calculating Wind Loads

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Calculating Wind Loads
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Date: Mon, 14 Jul 97 17:00:11 EDT
Hi, Jim Cain, new to the list here, and with a few questions on designing
        for wind loads....

1.  Is there a preferred technique for calculating the pressure on a 
        structure from wind loads?  I have pulled a few wind engineering
        texts and just wondered if there is a more direct or preferred 
        technique ?

2.  I have seen the map of the US with wind velocities posted on it.
        Is there a better way to convert from wind velocity to wind
        pressure, than using Bernoulli's equation?  What method would
        you suggest ?

3.  Any advice on accounting for lattice work structures vs. solid
        surface structures would also be appreciate.  Basically I am
        just trying to come up to speed on this whole wind load
        thing.  You can post directly to me at:
        or to the list.

thanks, jim

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