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Date: Wed, 16 Jul 1997 09:25:03 -0400 (EDT)
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Date: 97-07-15 16:47:35 EDT

Here we go again... guess I should have paid attention when everyone
else was asking questions...

This galvanized steel triangular tower is in 10 foot long sections. It
is composed of three 1 1/4" diameter legs, 18" on each face, connected
by horizontal braces with no diagonal struts. The braces are in a
"U-channel" configuration, the open end of the "U" facing in. 
The U is 1 5/8" on the main flat, and 7/8" on each of the "legs". At the
lower end of each leg is an enlarged portion, sized to slip over the leg
below it. Two bolt holes in each end of each leg for thru-and-thru
bolting of sections.

I have access to 9 sections, on the ground, properly stored.
What is it? Ratings? What's it worth?  Help????

Thanks & 73,

Greg Becker  NA2N

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