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Subject: [TowerTalk] Dunestar
From: (Richard M. Thorne)
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 1997 11:02:26 -0500
Hi Folks:

I just ordered a C4XL from Steve, K7LXC last night.  I currently have
a C3.  My plan is to mount the C3 at 45' and the C4XL at 75'.

I plan on phasing them mainly for sending my signal to the NE and to the
NW at the same time. I need the ability to choose both in phase, top
alone or bottom alone. (p.s. I only plan on phasing the 10,15,20 
portion of the C4XL.  The 40 meter portion has a seperate feedline
which will go directly to the shack).

I received the Dunestar info promptly as promised and it looks like
a nice phase box.  Is anybody using one?  If so hows it working?

Has anybody homebrewed a phase box?  I believe its just a 2 to 1 balun
with relays.  

Richard Thorne - WB5M
Amarillo, TX

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